Lil Bunny

This little bunny I made is perfect for Easter! It’s so cute! With the fabric as the paws and insides of the ears it looks just so adorable! These are being sold in my storenvy shop at I went ahead and gave this little cutie to my niece for her 3rd birthday and she loved it! lol. For like a whole two seconds until the next present came along. But it’s something nice to grow up with.  photo AFB83F59-FEC3-416D-AA71-F8DD1D116AA4-20244-000015EB6BD71C70_zpsef4c358b.jpg UPDATE!: Apparently my niece’s mother doesn’t allow her to play with the bunny even though she tries, Tayy(her mom, my cousin) has it on a shelf and for every year and Christmas wants to add a new crochet animal to the collection. YAY! I’m so proud!


My Storenvy(:

So in the middle of the e-commerce trades and sales platforms is this beautiful site named Storenvy. It’s much like Etsy, but I think more user friendly and I think it’s more pleasing to the eye. That’s just me. Anyway, this is where I opened my online store and hope that everyone who comes across this site visits it. These baby chicks are the first products I’ve posted in my store, so I hope you like them and visit my site and find something you like!

 photo 2B9EBA75-E1FE-4601-A28F-1369C3A98C0F-15305-0000102F6CD2B9B4_zpsa3aabf9d.jpg

Diamonds In The Sky!


Shine bright like a diamond! Or in this case be as colorful! I found this pattern on youtube awhile back, I’ve kind of stopped working on it as I’ve gone to other projects and have gotten kind of tired of doing the same thing over and over…I get bored with it. And the yarn kept giving me a hard time since it would always break on me at certain points which is weird, even though the colors are beautiful and it has such a nice silky softness to it. Oh well, I can always reuse it on a later project.

It’s a pretty simple square though it looks complicated, it’s really not.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Use your choice of two different colored yarn and it’s respective hook size.

I used Vickie Howell’s SHEEP(ISH) yarn in Magenta(ish) and Teal(ish) with a 5 mm hook.


sl st: slip stitch

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

beg: beginning

bptc: back post triple crochet

FO: fasten off

yo: yarn over


1) make slip knot

2) ch 4

 photo 5ACA148F-0B4F-423B-A67E-85778937A60D-15305-000010ED17C645E4_zps5862c6b6.jpg

Round 1:

1. 2 dc into beg ch

2. ch 2

3. 3 dc into beg ch

4. repeat steps 2 and 3 twice

5. ch 2 and sl st into beg ch 3

 photo 33E87C2B-00EB-4294-AB51-18DB4283224B-15305-0000102F7BEEF1B3_zps29a357d4.jpg

Round 2:

1. ch 3(counts as first dc)

2. 2 dc in same corner(corner 1)

3. 3 dc in corner 2

4. ch 2

5. 3 dc in corner 2 again

6.  repeat step 3-5 in corners 3 and 4

7. 3 dc in corner 1

8. ch 2

9. sl st into beg ch 3 to connect square

10. FO and change color

(If you’re using the yarn I am, make sure to leave a little longer tail and knot 2-3 times since the satiny finish tends to make the knot unravel, just to make sure it doesn’t come apart like it has on me.)

 photo CA8D5D84-FA43-4032-BB2B-8ACD92155455-15305-0000102F7F53EFF1_zpse5cb8c28.jpg

Round 3:

1. make a slip knot using the second color

2. sl st through corner 1

3. ch 3(counts as first dc)

 photo 229161DD-5BD0-4717-9531-823C84DC4049-15305-0000102F8E4F06E3_zpsbe1d8cc1.jpg

4. 2 dc in corner 1

5. dc in each st to corner 2

6. 3 dc in corner 2

7. ch 2

8. 3 dc in corner 2 again

9. repeat steps 5-8 until corner 1

10. ch 2

11. sl st into beg ch 3 to connect square

12. FO and change color

 photo 0385C298-7ABD-40FB-BFAC-FA94A013BFB9-15305-0000102F948E8066_zpsde5a642d.jpg

Round 4:

1. make a slip knot using first color

2. sl st through corner 1

3. ch 3(counts as first dc)

4. 2 dc in corner 1

5. ch 4

6. bptc into round 2’s first dc (do NOT pull through three times, only twice, we want 2 loops on our hook now)

7. bptc into second dc (only pull through twice, 3 loops on hook)

8. bptc into 5th dc-skipping 3 and 4-(only pull through twice, 4 loops on hook)

9. bptc into sixth dc(only pull through twice, 5 loops on hook)

10. yo, pull through all 5 loops

11. ch 4

12. 3 dc in corner 2

13. ch 2

14.  3 dc in corner 2 again

15. repeat step 5-14 until corner 4

16. 3 dc in corner 4

17. ch 2

18. sl st into beg ch 3

 photo D5874266-9F5E-4C4A-8FDC-6A167E456360-15305-000010EA2476562B_zpsda7b36e1.jpg

Round 5:

1. ch 3

2. 2 dc in corner 1

3. dc in each st until the chain loop

4. 4 dc in chain loop

5. dc in first cluster st

6. 4 dc in chain loop

7. dc in each st until corner 2

8. in corner 2, 3 dc

9. ch 2

10. 3 dc in corner 2 again

11. repeat steps 3-10 until corner 4

12. in corner 4, 3 dc

13. ch 2

14. sl st into beg ch 3

15. FO

 photo A9F51F11-CE0E-42C7-ADB3-12E8BD31DB4C-15305-000010EBC7C0919A_zps98db0a47.jpg

16. Add to a blanket with alternating colors like in the first picture, repeat round 2 to make a blanket with the diamond in the middle, make as a pillow cover, etc. The choices are endless! Have fun!
(Mine has two sides unfinished still since I’ll be making another tutorial on how to join granny squares together without using a tapestry needle and more yarn.)


For my first initial post I will show you these little darlings that I’ve made:




They’re based off the candy and I think they are so cute and so simple to make! But don’t gobble these down, because as sweet as they are they will rot your teeth and give you indigestion!